Emails for . Done.

The simplest way to automate all your customer emails.

Build welcome campaigns, dunning sequences and more without any code.

Integrate with Stripe in one click and see the impact on your revenue.

Screencast: how to set up an automated email

Subscription emails without the hassle.

Send Stripe emails without coding

Plug in your Stripe account and you're ready to send all your subscription-related emails automatically. Send welcome emails to new customers, create rescue sequences to reduce churn, chase up failed payments and more.

See the impact on revenue

Instantly see where you're losing revenue – then automate emails to recover it. Automatically nudge customers before their cards expire and track your emails' impact on revenue.

Easy targeting

Customize email content by subscription plan and stay relevant

Send email sequences

Trigger emails at different times to chain them together into a sequence

Zero-config setup

Our emails are ready-to-roll – edit the content and start sending

The trusted solution for Stripe emails.

Gregg blanchard

Gregg BlanchardSendView

This, in my opinion, is the future of email. I wouldn’t be surprised if the rest of the email marketing industry will soon head down a very similar path.


Hands down the easiest way to set up automated email. It took me less than 3 minutes from start to finish to set up all of my SaaS emails.


I love the revenue figures pulled in from Stripe. It means I can see exactly how much difference my dunning and pre-dunning emails are making, and I can optimize them on the fly.

Simple pricing.

$35 per month

Unlimited Stripe customersUnlimited email sends