About us

  • Owen Owen CEO
  • Chris Chris Product
  • Alex Alex Engineering

We're making email easier.

Hello from team Onboard! We’re a London based company who have been working together on different projects for the past four years. Check out Wordtracker.com to see one of them in action.

We work from home sometimes and from a shared office the rest of the time. Chris likes coffee a little bit more than is healthy and we use Slack to talk to each other (sometimes when sitting at the same desk).

We've used Stripe as our go-to payments provider for years and we love it. But what we don't love is building custom integrations to send emails on cancellation and card expiry, onboarding emails on sign-up and all the other basics any SaaS company needs. So we decided to solve the problem once and for all.

Our mission is to make Onboard the easiest way possible to communicate with customers based on Stripe events. So let us know how we're doing – feedback is always welcome!

Contact us

Email: support@onboardhq.com

Phone: +44 (0) 845 299 3127