Frequently asked questions

What emails does Onboard send?

Onboard can send welcome emails when your customers subscribe, cancellation rescue emails when they cancel, update card prompt emails when card details are due to expire soon, dunning emails for when a customer's payment has failed, trial emails, one-off charge emails, invoice receipts, renewal notifications — pretty much any email that you'd ever want to get out of Stripe.

However, if we've missed any, please let us know by emailing us at support@onboardhq.com. We're always looking to expand our repertoire!

Can I send different emails for different plans?

Yes. Onboard grabs your plan names from Stripe when you sign up and lets you set up emails targeting just one or as many plans as you like.

Can I create sequences of emails?

Absolutely. For example, to create a welcome sequence, simply create your first welcome email with targeting set to 'when customer subscribes', then create another email with targeting set to 'one day after a customer subscribes' and so on.

What email analytics does Onboard provide?

Onboard shows you sends, deliveries, opens, clicks and, for certain types of email, revenue earnt.

Are there any limits on email sends, number of customers, etc?

In short, no. All features of Onboard are completely unlimited even during the free trial. Emails can only be triggered by customer actions, but it doesn’t many how many of those there are. The price is the same.

Is it secure?

Absolutely. None of your customer details are held within Onboard and we don’t retain any payment or customer information. We use the OAuth protocol to connect with Stripe and our site is behind SSL to ensure everything is kept secure.

How much revenue can I recover?

That depends on how much you’re losing. You can only ever recover a percentage of this, however we’re confident that it will be more than the $35 a month subscription cost. If it’s not, get in touch and we’ll give you one month free (as long as you have an active Stripe account).